Monday, 19 December 2011

Thundercats: A New Business Venture

Earlier this year, we found out that Thundercats was coming back onto TV. We got very excited because back in the 1980s, Thundercats was probably the greatest show on Earth. We liked the 1980s.

We rather like the new show, even if Snarf doesn't speak - but there are two things that have changed that we find simply unacceptable: the theme tune (one of the best intros to a show) and the Thundertank.

The original Thundertank from the 1980s series was built by Panthro using parts salvaged from the Thundercats' ship after it crashed on Third Earth. From what we know, he built it entirely himself - and judging from the other Thundercats' reaction from the episode 'Berbils', they never saw it's development.

Performance and Technical stats are almost non-existent for the Thundertank - from what we've seen in various episodes, we know that it is composed of highly advanced Thundera military issue weapons and armour - and must produce around 5000bhp and even more units in ft lb of torque. It is capable of driving over any terrain, through mountains and glaciers and it's arms house hydraulics with a relief valve pressure of probably around 4500psi.

Watch the episode 'Trouble with Time' to see how hard the Thundertank is to handle. As Panthro says himself, "This tank is a serious piece of business". 

Anyway, we've decided to design a Thundertank T-shirt. Ever wondered what the Thundercats do in their spare time? Well, we heard that Panthro has a little side business creating custom vehicles. See the T-shirts below.


View the Thundertank T-shirt direct at the site here.

There'll be more Thundercats T-shirts to follow. However, if you have any cool Thundercats designs you'd like to see on T-shirts, send them to us here and you could earn money from them.

The Spicetag team

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

80s Grifter Bike T-shirts

If you had a BMX or a 'Grifter' as a kid back in the 1980s, you'd know that they were the only choice when it came to bikes.

You 80s kids will remember the sounds of the Raleigh Wildcat - not only would this thing scare the **** out of unaware pedestrians but it wasn't too bad on the rough stuff also. I remember a kid next door to me had one back in 1988 - I wouldn't have minded one, I had a red BMX but I haven't got any photos to make a T-shirt - if I did, I would.

The Wildcat was a cool bike and seems like a little gem to own an old one today. Here are a couple of tribute T-shirts...


View the Wildcat Bike T-shirt direct at the site here.


View the 80s Wildcat T-shirt direct at the site here.

Perhaps you remember the Raleigh Vektar? That bike was like a stealth bomber in black - more gizmos than the Wildcat and it even had a radio! We haven't forgotten about this one, so watch this space for a T-shirt soon.


When you eventually grew out of pretending to be Knight Rider as a kid then the Raleigh Burner was the bike to step up to. There are many pictures of these online where folks have kept them in beautiful condition and look irresistable for a ride. This is the Burner in our favourite colour scheme.

View the Retro Burner Bike T-shirt direct at the site here.

More retro bikes to follow. If you've got designs of your own that you'd like to sell and make a bit of cash for a new crank then get in touch with us here.

The Spicetag Team

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Return Of Manta Force - New T-shirts

Everyone remembers their favourite toys as a kid. Some might have been popular, some not so. Some toys that first came out when you were a kid may have spawned into legendary status - Star Wars, the Turtles, Thundercats - but one of our personal favourites has gone off the radar for many years...the Multiple Air Naval Terrain Assault Force, aka 'Manta Force'.

A force of space soldiers (all ranked by their full-body coloured space suits) were sent into the galaxy from a polluted, over-populated planet Earth in order to find a new planet to inhabit. They travelled in a state-of-the-art, self sufficient super vessel that carried a fleet of air, land and sea vehicles to aid them in their quest.

However, hell-bent on stopping Manta Force in their multiple vehicle's tracks and driven to inhabit New Earth for themselves was the Viper Squad - travelling in their own super ship Red Venom - itself equipped with incredibly versatile all-terrain vehicles.

Many of the Manta Force soldiers did not survive the onslaught. Those who did survive went on to face their demise by 1980s Electrolux vacuum cleaners or were swallowed by toddlers. Well, while searching through our old toy box, right at the bottom still in his white space suit (low ranked), we found a Manta Force veteran.

To celebrate his survival we have made a set of Manta Force and Viper Squad space T-shirts - so you too can play the part of those great space soldiers.


See the Manta Force 80s T-shirt direct at the site here.


See the Manta Force Viper T-shirt direct at the site here.

So - are you Manta or Viper? Let us know...

The Spicetag Team.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Spirit Starts With A T-shirt...

We know it's early, but Merry Christmas!

We've put an all new set of special Christmas T-shirts on our site - and we're hoping they're going to make folk happy on Christmas Day...

It's not your usual range, we've got funny ones, retro ones and some which are just so damn cute they're irresistible. Take a look at them all right here.

Here are a few below.


Not into wooly jumpers? Try out this retro jumper-style T-shirt - also available in red, guaranteed to cheer up the grumpiest soul! View it direct at the site here.


When you think about it, what Santa actually does is quite dodgy - but from what we know he's never been caught, who would call the cops on him? Well someone has, and here's proof. View the Bad Santa T-shirt direct at the site here.


We all know that a dog is not just for Christmas - but this one is enjoying every minute of the festive season. View it at the site here.


Everyone loves Santa - some more than others. View the Naughty Santa T-shirt at the site here.

We've got many more Christmas T-shirts, so if these don't give you ample Christmas cheer, take a peek on our site!

The Spicetag Team

Monday, 31 October 2011

Wales Rugby Slogan Competition WINNERS!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Wales Rugby slogan competition!

We had some weird and wonderful entries - some funny, some passionate, some patriotic and of course some entirely inappropriate(but still good).

We had a hard job picking the winners, but we thought the 3 winning slogans summed up Wales' heroic Rugby World Cup performance nicely and with a bit of Welsh humour. The 3 lucky winners will be receiving each a free T-shirt printed with their slogan.

See the winning slogans below.

"They TRYed, they fought, Wales will be back!!!"

This winning design was submitted by Jade Roberts (@JadeRoberts0311), with the help of her Mum Angela Roberts. A nice play on words and we agree that Wales WILL be back and well on form. We'll see some heavy Welsh rugby action soon enough in the Six Nations next year.

"Winner, winner, lamb dinner."

This winning design was submitted by Carys Dudley-Jones (@CarinoCarys). Ok, Wales didn't win the Rugby World cup but they won enough games to get into the semis and once again they won the hearts of a great nation. Welsh lamb is delicious by the way, with mint sauce.

"Never give up, never surrender!"

This winning design was submitted by Tom Sanders (@CardiffCroupier). The Welsh team are strong, and this sums up their spirit. Wales did not give up against France in the semis, even with 14 men they pushed harder than ever - and kept the pressure on well over the full time mark. This slogan also goes for all the Wales rugby fans out there.

These T-shirts are so good we're going to put them on the Spicetag website soon to share with all you other fans, thanks to the kind permission of our winners.

There'll be more opportunities to win T-shirts in the future, so stay tuned....

The Spicetag team.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wales Rugby Slogan Competition - *CLOSED*


Spicetag are looking for slogans that represent Wales’ heroic Rugby World Cup performance, and we're giving away 3 FREE T-shirts!

If you think you’ve got a good idea, all you have to do is send us your slogan through Twitter to @Spicetag with the hashtag #spicetag.

For example:

@Spicetag I suggest 'Bring it home for Wales' #spicetag

The 3 winning entrants will each receive a T-shirt printed with their slogan and we'll even put them on our site so supporters can wear them with pride. See the T-shirt designs below.

Entries must be sent by Wednesday 26/10/2011 and we'll announce the winners on Friday 28/10/2011.

So lets get something out there that fans will be honoured to wear in support of our magnificent team!

Good luck!

The Spicetag team

Thursday, 13 October 2011

In Wales, Everyone Is Screaming...

Here is a T-shirt celebrating the distance Wales have got to in the Rugby World Cup 2011. The design is based on the 1992 film poster for Alien 3, swapping the alien for the Welsh Red Dragon, and a play on the famous words "In space no one can hear you scream."


Available for both boys and girls, view the T-shirt at the site here.

We're right behind the Wales rugby team. If you've got any T-shirt designs dedicated to Welsh rugby, feel free to send them to us and they may be featured on the Spicetag website.

The Spicetag team

Bringing It Home To Wales

Wales are in the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand.

The two-time Six Nations grand-slam winners are looking to bring the most sort after title in international rugby home to their native soil and have the strong backing of an entire nation.

As Spicetag is a Welsh company, we're giving them our full support and we found it obligatory to create a T-shirt to show this.

The golden daffodil is a famous Welsh symbol and we're hoping that the Welsh team make the Rugby World Cup trophy just as signified with Wales. Available for both boys and girls, view the 'Bringing It Home To Wales' T-shirt at the website here.

If you've got any T-shirt designs dedicated to Welsh rugby, feel free to send them to us and they may be featured on the Spicetag website.

All the best in the semi final, Wales.

The Spicetag team

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spicetag do Custom T-Shirts for everyone – even Sexy Chickens

We at Spicetag love making custom T-shirts for anyone and everyone - and yes, that includes Sexy Chickens.

If you don't believe us, see the evidence below.

Feel free to tweet us your comments(no pun intended).

The Spicetag team

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New iPhone? Make a decision...

It's always World news when there's a new iPhone coming out - and having this incredible item comes at a cost.

Not that you would sacrifice eating to have the new iPhone in your pocket/protective case(you might do, who knows), but our new 'Food Or Phone' T-shirt plays fun at the situation a bit.

Available in boys and girls tees, you can view the 'Food or Phone' tee at the site here.

Any designs of your own? Send us an Email.

The Spicetag team

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Power Of A Woman

Here is a new set of designs we've added to our Fashion range. This new set was designed especially for white tees and accompanies our current range displaying the power of the female image.


This design is based on 1980s fashion magazine advertisement images. Originally a painting of a full standing woman, the magnification that leaves the dotted print is to create a comic book effect and emphasises the woman's focused gaze. 

See the '80s Woman' boys and girls T-shirts at the site here.


This design is again based on advertisements found in fashion magazines, but here in the 1990s. This decade saw the rise of the supermodel - the face here is of on one of the originals. The design is to represent a woman's desire to acquire the latest off-the-runway style items.

See the 'Viva Fashion' T-shirt at the site here.


'Demasque' - unmasked, French. This design is based around the vibrant theme found in gentlemens clubs of the 1980s. The glamourous miami-esque style of sex, glamour and cocktails found in that decade produced some wonderful exotic imagery.

See the 'Demasque' T-shirt at the site here.


The Rio carnivals create an amazing, vibrant atmosphere as female Brazilian dancers parade in some of the most wonderfully extravagant and colourful costumes - but it's easy to forget there is a woman hidden behind the feathers and gold.

See the 'Brasil' T-shirt at the site here.

If you've got any designs based on fashion graphics that you'd like to see on T-shirts or hoodies, drop us an email and they could be featured on the website.

The Spicetag team

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Welsh and proud

No matter who or what you are, you can always be proud of your country. 

Spicetag is indeed a Welsh company, so we've created a T-shirt to show that. Although the Welsh dragon serves as probably the most iconic symbol of Wales - it's image being present on the bold and beautiful Welsh flag - we must not forget that Welsh sheep are a more humble symbol of Welsh culture.

Basking in the rich Welsh countryside and only ever causing little interference to Welsh country roads, we think they could picture as great a flag as the famous red dragon.

Find the 'Welsh And Proud' T-shirt at the website here.

Got any designs that represent Welsh culture that you'd like to see on tees? Drop us an Email.

The Spicetag team.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Abstract tees

We've added a new set of abstract tees to our range. We've had these hand painted 'Rune' designs for a while and we've now finally got them onto T-shirts. See them below.


View the Sorleon Rune T-shirt at the site here.


View the Chroma Rune T-shirt at the site here.


View the Maxxas Rune T-shirt at the site here.


View the Fire Rune T-shirt at the site here.


View the Volo Rune Purple T-shirt here.

View the Volo Rune Green T-shirt at the site here.

All of these designs are part of our Abstract range. Visit our website where you can view all of our Rune T-shirts.

If you've got some similar designs of your own that you'd like to see on T-shirts or hoodies, send them to us via the become a designer page.

The Spicetag team

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The General

When Lawrence Dallaglio talks about rugby, grown men will sit cross-legged on the floor to listen. We've created two T-shirts in tribute to one of the greatest players ever to have graced the game of rugby.

Sometimes referred to as 'The General', Lawrence Dallaglio was the only player to play every minute of England's winning World Cup campaign in 2003 - and whenever he was brought onto the pitch, the opposition was always going to be in a world of pain.

See the tees below.


We wanted to keep this one simple and to the point - the bold, black and white graphic is only coloured with the English rose, representing Dallaglio's career in international rugby. Note the text block is based on highlighting text on a word processor program. View 'The General' T-shirt at the wesite here.


For a short period only, this tee is available for the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand. The design is based on Dallaglio's television appearences for the ITV coverage of the World Cup, where he offers sound predictions and match analysis. View it at the site here.

You can view the these and other rugby T-shirts and hoodies at the Spicetag website here.

Remember to send us any ideas you have for rugby or any other sports T-shirts via our become a designer page.

The Spicetag team.

Monday, 5 September 2011

New Spicetag Vehicle T-shirt showreel

We've put together a new Spicetag showreel for our vehicle catagory. You can view the video below.

All the tees featured in the video are available now at We're big car fans here at Spicetag although there are a few bikes and flying vehicle designs in there also.

If you're a car or motorsport fan and you've created some designs you'd like to see on a T-shirt, send them to us because we'd love to see them.

View our Youtube channel here. Stay tuned as there'll be more vids to follow.

The Spicetag team.

Friday, 26 August 2011

9/11 T-shirt

We've created a T-shirt honouring the rescue workers and serving remembrance of the lives lost from the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

We designed the T-shirt in regards to the tenth anniversary of the attacks, and the T-shirt is to symbolise hope and the spirit of comradery.

The design is based upon the famous photograph of American soldiers erecting the American flag at Iwo Jima, WW2.

All the best, America.


View the Ground Zero T-shirt at the Spicetag website here.

The Spicetag team.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Legends of the 80s

At Spicetag, we like to experiment with designs that show the contrast between beauty and power.

This contrast was best seen during the 1980s, when the true supercar was engraved in motoring history with creations from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to name but a few. Styling took over practicality with over-sized (and to some extent unnecessary) spoilers and wheels, and speed was king.

Some of the most recognisable supercars were created in the 1980s - we've hand picked a few legends.

See our latest additions to the Spicetag catalogue below.


'Primo' - adj. Excellent, first-class. The De Tomaso Pantera is somewhat of a forgotten 1980s supercar, but it was menacing and very powerful. As imposing as the Pantera is a tall Czech woman, standing confident and proud of her car. See 'Primo' on the site here.


'Esotico' ('Exotic', Italian) pictures one of the most recognisable supercars in history, the Lamborghini Countach. A 25th anniversary model sits behind it's driver, poised and ready to burn up the Miami highways under the evening sky. Following the same format as 'Primo', an imposing female figure predominates the picture, engaging with the viewer. See the T-shirt on the site here.


'Fiammarosa' (Italian: 'Fiamma Rosa' - Pink Flame) shows the woman from 'Luxure' standing behind one of the most famous supercars of all time, the Ferrari Testarossa. A rarity in black, the sleek flowing lines of the car complement the dark dressed woman, with the pink laser lines adding a burst of colour.
Again following a similar format to 'Primo' and 'Esotico', the addition of bright colour in this design distinguishes the Testarossa as a motor legend. See the tee on the site here.


And finally, with the right parts and some heavy knowledge of mechanics, you could use this brute to dust any one of the above supercars - and at a fraction of the cost. The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is one of the greatest racing cars of all time, dominating and winning the World Touring Car Championship in 1987 (see the license plate). Classic 1980s Ford power. Take a look on the site here.

If you have any T-shirt designs of classic 80s cars, send them to us here - they could become part of the Spicetag catalogue.

The Spicetag team.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Spicetag showreel on Youtube

We've just put together a small showreel showing a selection of our Fashion catalogue, and it's shamelessly 80s themed.

View the showreel below.

All the tees featured in the video are available at We're big fans of 1980s style at Spicetag and especially the works of Patrick Nagel. If you're an 80s fan and you've created some artwork you'd like to see on a T-shirt, send them to us because we'd love to see them.

View our Youtube channel here. Stay tuned as there'll be more vids to follow.

The Spicetag team.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Amy Winehouse tribute tees

Saddened by her loss, we at Spicetag have created two tribute T-shirts for Amy Winehouse.


With our tee 'Amy', the focus was simplicity. We wanted to capture her bold gaze that showed her as one of the most recognisable artists in the modern music world. Alike our tee 'Gaze', we've applied bold colouring to a choppy, distressed image to create a kind of retro vibe.


Here we have focused on Amy's smile and 'beehive' hairstyle which she was famously known for. We've aimed for simplicity again with bold colours to give the best visual impact. 

View the Spicetag Amy Winehouse tribute tees at our site here

The Spicetag Team

Monday, 1 August 2011

To you, the T-shirt designer...

We love design of all sorts here at Spicetag - but designing T-shirts is what we love doing best.

We see T-shirts as being the most versatile design media. You can express yourself to no end with an image on a T-shirt. You'll see on that we have catagories containing many different designs. However, there are some designs that you simply cannot catagorise, and it's something we are looking to expand on -

This is where YOU come in...

Whatever creative background you may or may not have, whatever artistic or technical abilities you possess or what your intentions are - we want to see what ideas you have, and we're just a click away here.

Below are a few pointers to help you get started.

File types

All you have to do is send us your design via our contact form here. We accept many file types, .jpg, .pdf, .gif, .bmp and preferably the Photoshop .psd.

Printing on white T-shirts is very straightforward - we'll print flat files like a jpeg no problem. If we're to print a design on a coloured tee other than white, then we usually use a Photoshop file with the background removed - just think that the T-shirt colour is the image's background. 

Here's an example using the 'Luxure' tee.

This design has a black background, so we naturally use a black tee. We remove the image's black background for our printing process, as we use the colour of the tee as the background.

To show what we mean, below is how the print file would look on a blue tee.

Notice that not all the black has been knocked out - we've left the black detail on the woman's eyes as this achieves a high definition on the white.

Below is an example of a solid image(e.g. a jpeg file) on a white tee.

We have no problems printing a flat image(jpeg) on coloured tees, but we strongly recommend backgrounds are removed if they are the same colour as the T-shirt - you will not achieve a consistent quality as the black print will look terrible against a black cotton tee as the colours are not exactly the same.

If you're unsure how to do this, don't worry - we'll do it for you. This goes for any touch-ups we might find necessary and we will send you a final visual for you to assess if need be.

Document Sizes

Our maximum print area for all mens T-shirt sizes and womens T-shirt sizes from medium or larger is 390mm X 483mm. The maximum print area for womens small tees and all hoodies is 300mm X 250mm. We recommend an image resolution of 300dpi or larger.

Therefore, send us the largest image you can because we'll reduce the size for the smaller garments.

So, if you have any queries at all don't hesitate to contact us via the site here or send us an email at

And remember, once one of your designs is accepted on our site, you are a T-shirt designer. You can make a start right here.

Good luck

The Spicetag Team