Monday, 19 December 2011

Thundercats: A New Business Venture

Earlier this year, we found out that Thundercats was coming back onto TV. We got very excited because back in the 1980s, Thundercats was probably the greatest show on Earth. We liked the 1980s.

We rather like the new show, even if Snarf doesn't speak - but there are two things that have changed that we find simply unacceptable: the theme tune (one of the best intros to a show) and the Thundertank.

The original Thundertank from the 1980s series was built by Panthro using parts salvaged from the Thundercats' ship after it crashed on Third Earth. From what we know, he built it entirely himself - and judging from the other Thundercats' reaction from the episode 'Berbils', they never saw it's development.

Performance and Technical stats are almost non-existent for the Thundertank - from what we've seen in various episodes, we know that it is composed of highly advanced Thundera military issue weapons and armour - and must produce around 5000bhp and even more units in ft lb of torque. It is capable of driving over any terrain, through mountains and glaciers and it's arms house hydraulics with a relief valve pressure of probably around 4500psi.

Watch the episode 'Trouble with Time' to see how hard the Thundertank is to handle. As Panthro says himself, "This tank is a serious piece of business". 

Anyway, we've decided to design a Thundertank T-shirt. Ever wondered what the Thundercats do in their spare time? Well, we heard that Panthro has a little side business creating custom vehicles. See the T-shirts below.


View the Thundertank T-shirt direct at the site here.

There'll be more Thundercats T-shirts to follow. However, if you have any cool Thundercats designs you'd like to see on T-shirts, send them to us here and you could earn money from them.

The Spicetag team