Friday, 2 December 2011

The Return Of Manta Force - New T-shirts

Everyone remembers their favourite toys as a kid. Some might have been popular, some not so. Some toys that first came out when you were a kid may have spawned into legendary status - Star Wars, the Turtles, Thundercats - but one of our personal favourites has gone off the radar for many years...the Multiple Air Naval Terrain Assault Force, aka 'Manta Force'.

A force of space soldiers (all ranked by their full-body coloured space suits) were sent into the galaxy from a polluted, over-populated planet Earth in order to find a new planet to inhabit. They travelled in a state-of-the-art, self sufficient super vessel that carried a fleet of air, land and sea vehicles to aid them in their quest.

However, hell-bent on stopping Manta Force in their multiple vehicle's tracks and driven to inhabit New Earth for themselves was the Viper Squad - travelling in their own super ship Red Venom - itself equipped with incredibly versatile all-terrain vehicles.

Many of the Manta Force soldiers did not survive the onslaught. Those who did survive went on to face their demise by 1980s Electrolux vacuum cleaners or were swallowed by toddlers. Well, while searching through our old toy box, right at the bottom still in his white space suit (low ranked), we found a Manta Force veteran.

To celebrate his survival we have made a set of Manta Force and Viper Squad space T-shirts - so you too can play the part of those great space soldiers.


See the Manta Force 80s T-shirt direct at the site here.


See the Manta Force Viper T-shirt direct at the site here.

So - are you Manta or Viper? Let us know...

The Spicetag Team.