Friday, 25 April 2014

Summer Graphic Espadrilles

A must-have men's fashion item for summer 2014 is the classic espadrille - we thought we'd go one step further and add some original graphics. Check out the new designs below.

These floral espadrilles are great for comfort and freshness this summer - and they'll go with almost any summer outfit. Grab a pair on Etsy or ebay.

This original Chinese dragon design is also available - great for summer evenings. Available at the Spicetag Etsy and ebay stores.

More designs to follow.

The Spicetag team

Friday, 18 April 2014

We are proud to announce our Cardiff Varsity jacket.

Being Cardiffians and a Cardiff based Company we wanted to bring something stylish to the market which can be worn come ran or shine.

This blue jacket features the Cardiff area code (CF) on the left breast and on the left sleeve. On the opposite sleeve you have an embroided Wales flag showing the iconic red Dragon. Then finally between the shoulders you have in a bold Varsity font "CARDIFF". You can't get a much more patriotic piece of clothing.

It's the perfect top for fans of Cardiff City, Cardiff Blues, Cardiff Devils, if your a Cardiffian yourself or a Student here.

We also have a range of Cardiff Summer fashion T-shirts which you can see below. What's the point in having a T-shirt that says California or Miami on it, most people have never been to those places. I bet I know where you have been, pedaling on Roath Lake, eating an ice cream down the bay or touring around Cardiff Castle. So get something closer to home this year, get a Cardiff Summer T-shirt.

Thanks for viewing

The Spicetag team

Monday, 14 April 2014

Summer 2014 Fashion Hats

We needed to create something that would accompany our T-shirts for the summer - and with all the hype going down about floral patterns, we've released a set of light, floral-banded summer hats...

These hats are made for guys and girls. They go perfect with almost anything and if you're well into your floral, they partner well with some of our new floral sunglasses.

Check out the new designs on ebay and Etsy.

The Spicetag team

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spicetag Summer Sunnies

We design and sell T-shirts, which are great for the coming summer - well, now they can be accompanied by our new Spicetag brand sunglasses...


The Wayfarer is a classic, but it's a sought-after look this summer. In this brown tortoise shell form, it can accompany pretty much all summer looks and goes with all floral shirts and hats - in particular the modern pompadour men's hairstyle which is all the rave in 2014.

Get these Spicetag shades right here.


Make no mistake - floral print is in this summer and we've got the perfect floral sunglasses. Bold and vibrant, these sunglasses not only hold the Wayfarer form but will go with a range of outfits from white flowing dresses to jeans and (Spicetag) T-shirts. Also, they go rather nicely with a straw trilby.

Get these sunnies right here.


We've also got these pink & blue floral Wayfarers ready to brighten up any outfit - floral is the print for 2014 and these are the must have sunnies.

Get them right here.

More summer accessories to follow...

The Spicetag team