Friday, 18 April 2014

We are proud to announce our Cardiff Varsity jacket.

Being Cardiffians and a Cardiff based Company we wanted to bring something stylish to the market which can be worn come ran or shine.

This blue jacket features the Cardiff area code (CF) on the left breast and on the left sleeve. On the opposite sleeve you have an embroided Wales flag showing the iconic red Dragon. Then finally between the shoulders you have in a bold Varsity font "CARDIFF". You can't get a much more patriotic piece of clothing.

It's the perfect top for fans of Cardiff City, Cardiff Blues, Cardiff Devils, if your a Cardiffian yourself or a Student here.

We also have a range of Cardiff Summer fashion T-shirts which you can see below. What's the point in having a T-shirt that says California or Miami on it, most people have never been to those places. I bet I know where you have been, pedaling on Roath Lake, eating an ice cream down the bay or touring around Cardiff Castle. So get something closer to home this year, get a Cardiff Summer T-shirt.

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The Spicetag team