Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Van Damme in Double Impact 2

We're big fans of old school action movies here - anything with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Dolph, Seagal or Mel Gibson is what we're talking about, but the one action guy we enjoy the most is Jean-Claude Van Damme.

We love all his early stuff like Kickboxer, A.W.O.L, Death Warrant and Hard Target, but we consider Double Impact to be Van Damme's finest work.

Alex and Chad Wagner (above) are two twin brothers who were separated when they were babies after the brutal killing of their parents by the Hong Kong Triads. They are brought back together 25 years later by their Uncle Frankie - the man who saved them from a horrific death.

Together they set out to kill the men who ordered their parents' death - Triad boss Raymond Zhang and their father's malicious business partner Nigel Griffith, and take back the inheritance these men stole from them -  the Victoria Harbour Tunnel.

Well now Chad and Alex are back in Double Impact 2. This is another dual role for Van Damme so there'll be double the Van Dammage. A teaser poster is below...

There's a rumour Bolo Yeung will be in this film - we don't know how, must be some reason like how Dolph Lundgren appeared in Universal Soldier: Regeneration. We don't know if there'll be a strong female adversary like in the first film - but what actresses are out there with legs that could kick the doors off a Land Rover?

More to follow - if Double Impact 2 is news to you, then you heard it here first.

The Spicetag Team

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Catwoman Anne Hathaway T-shirts

The Dark Knight Rises is fast approaching the theatres - and the new Catwoman will fill a fair few seats...

Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman - and she'll be causing a stir as the trailers show her on Batman's bike and using guns (Batman doesn't like guns). Together with her prowess the new Catwoman looks like a serious adversary.

Looking back at the character of Catwoman, she isn't all that serious, in fact very playful - Catwoman certainly wound-up Batman in Batman Returns with her anarchic mischief.

We therefore decided to create a couple of T-shirts showing Catwoman's playful and seductive side.


Here's Anne Hathaway as you've probably never seen her - in full The Dark Knight Rises gear and in the style of the popular posters created by the artist Patrick Nagel in the 1980s.

View the Catwoman Batman T-shirt direct at the website here.


View the Catwoman Meow T-shirt at the site here.

Keep an eye on the Spicetag Blog for updates on our latest tees...

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Friday, 22 June 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Boxing Poster T-shirt

Possibly the most anticipated film of the year is showing this summer - The Dark Knight Rises is to be the third and last instalment of director Christopher Nolan's Batman series.

As with the last two films, The Dark Knight Rises brings some surprises to the Batman franchise - a new Batwing, a new Catwoman and a new Bane - 'The man who broke Batman'.

The trailers show that there'll be a vicious fight between the two, as we would have guessed.

This gave us an idea for a new T-shirt - reminsicent of the 1930's art deco style of Gotham City in the DC Comics (and to some extent in the Tim Burton films), we've created an exclusive boxing poster T-shirt.



This T-shirt is only available at our new Spicetag Ebay shop - and you won't find it anywhere else. View The Dark Knight Rises T-shirt right here.

Keep and eye on the site and the Spicetag Blog for more Batman T-shirts coming soon...

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

John McEnroe 'Joker' T-shirt

You cannot be serious - has this not been done before? A T-shirt with John McEnroe taking off The Joker from The Dark Knight? Well it's been done now - ready for Wimbledon 2012 where he'll be all over the television giving sound opinions on the quality of the tennis played.


Although there was little he'd laugh about when playing tennis, we'd hope this T-shirt would put a smile on his face. View the John McEnroe T-shirt direct at the site here.

Be sure to view all of our tennis T-shirts in our Wimbledon range.

"Why so serious, John?" Heath Ledger could've given Mac a few tips on how to lighten up back in the 80s.

More cool T-shirts to follow - keep an eye on the Spicetag Blog.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Latest Wimbledon Tennis T-shirts

We've got some new Wimbledon tennis designs out now in addition to our current set of tennis T-shirts.

We know you guys have got your favourite tennis players, so they'll be some more additions coming soon.
Available in both mens and womens sizes, see a few below.


All us brits are hoping Andy Murray will do well this year - but he's up against some incredible competition. View the Andy Murray T-shirt direct at the site here.


Having recently won the French open by beating Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal will be gunning for another Wimbledon title. View the Nadal T-shirt at the site here.


Here's a T-shirt for the current Wimbledon champion, Novak Djokovic - hopefully he'll bring enough spare tennis rackets this year. View the Djokovic T-shirt direct at the site here. This T-shirt is also available in green here.


You'll see a fair few people in Court number 1 this year as always - despite the classic British weather. View the Wimbledon Court 1 T-shirt at the site site.

More Wimbledon tennis T-shirts to follow - keep checked back here at the blog.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

New Euro 2012 Football T-shirts

The European Championships are now under way in Poland and Ukraine - and it's been an eventful opening weekend.

As always the play itself wasn't the only thing that was animated, the fans were supporting in full force also - the Croatian fans got a little carried away with firecrackers to say the least...

To celebrate the opening of Euro 2012, we've created a new set of T-shirts for the team's supporters. Available in both mens and womens sizes, view them below.


Here's one for England - a roaring English Lion standing proud in front of the England flag. View the England Football Euro T-shirt at the site here.


Here's a take on the crowned Lion for the Netherlands - in classic orange. View the Holland Euro 2012 T-shirt at the site here.


This is a new depiction of the black eagle as worn on the chest of the German team - notice the 3 stars for their World Cup wins. View the Germany Euro 2012 T-shirt at the site here.


Here's one for the hosts - this time a depiction of the crowned white eagle. View the Poland Euro 2012 T-shirt direct at the site here.


Here's our T-shirt for the Swedish team featuring a rather aggressive looking Elk - a national animal of Sweden. View the Sweden Euro 2012 T-shirt at the site here.


The classic French cockerel is the proud emblem of our France T-shirt - view the France Euro 2012 T-shirt direct at the site here.

There'll be more football T-shirts coming soon, so stay tuned...

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Friday, 8 June 2012

NEW Cardiff City Football Club T-shirts

Cardiff City Football Club are changing their emblem and the colour of their home kit - they'll be wearing a crest of the Welsh Dragon and will be playing at home in red, so it would appear the Bluebirds are no more...

Wrong. The famous Bluebird symbol still appears on the crest and they'll be draped in their original blue when playing away games. It's a heavy shock for Cardiff supporters, but it was this change or lose out on a £100m cash injection for the club.

The fans say the'll always be the Bluebirds, so we've created some T-shirts that to show that.


Here we've put the famous Cardiff Bluebird onto a flag - but in the same style as the red dragon appears on the Welsh flag. Available in both mens and womens T-shirts, view the Cardiff City Bluebirds T-shirt at the website here.


No matter what colour Cardiff City are playing in, they'll always be the Bluebirds. Here are a couple of T-shirts for the home and away games. Available in both mens and womens sizes, view the Cardiff Bluebirds T-shirt at the site here.

Keep checked back here at the Spicetag Blog for more football tees coming soon...

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Loreen Eurovision 2012 T-shirt

The Eurovision Song Contest comes once a year, so it was a fine excuse to throw a party and nibble on some continental specialties.

This year the contest was held in Baku in Azerbaijan, and with the help of Graham Norton's jesting we had the opportunity to enjoy some terrific acts - singing grannies, a boat made of men and a rather celestial performance from a woman named Loreen...

Loreen represented Sweden with Euphoria, a fabulous dance track that she sang beautifully - and along with an enchanting dance routine earned her and her country the winning trophy.

We couldn't find any cool Loreen T-shirts out there - so we made one ourselves...


Loreen's got some here she is with some vibrancy that reflects her performance. Available in mens and womens sizes, view the Loreen Euphoria T-shirt direct at the site here.

Another Eurovision T-shirt will be available next year, so until then we hope you like this one.

The Spicetag Team