Monday, 25 June 2012

New Catwoman Anne Hathaway T-shirts

The Dark Knight Rises is fast approaching the theatres - and the new Catwoman will fill a fair few seats...

Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman - and she'll be causing a stir as the trailers show her on Batman's bike and using guns (Batman doesn't like guns). Together with her prowess the new Catwoman looks like a serious adversary.

Looking back at the character of Catwoman, she isn't all that serious, in fact very playful - Catwoman certainly wound-up Batman in Batman Returns with her anarchic mischief.

We therefore decided to create a couple of T-shirts showing Catwoman's playful and seductive side.


Here's Anne Hathaway as you've probably never seen her - in full The Dark Knight Rises gear and in the style of the popular posters created by the artist Patrick Nagel in the 1980s.

View the Catwoman Batman T-shirt direct at the website here.


View the Catwoman Meow T-shirt at the site here.

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The Spicetag team