Monday, 29 July 2013

Best of Electro...

Great to see Lewis Hamilton hit the top spot for the first time in his Silver Arrow at the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday.

Here's one to try - if you're into your F1 and looking to make it even more exciting, slap on some electro music while it's on. Trust us, it's like watching some super 80s car chase movie. We've found just the place to get it...

Maniac Synth is one of the go-to channels on YouTube for electro synth music. Some of the tracks on there are phenomenal. Also from a designer's point of view, some of the imagery used to accompany the tracks is amazing. Check out Maniac Synth right here.

Alike many others out there, we find it hard to design without music. So check out this Maniac Synth playlist while you work.

The Spicetag Team

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BAC Mono - the Robot Car...

Watching Top Gear UK the other day and saw Clarkson reviewing this... 

This is the BAC Mono - if you can't get excited driving this, there is something medically wrong with you.

This car is modelled on the the white robots being manufactured in the Bjork video All is full of love directed by Chris Cunningham. It produces 280bhp with 206lb ft of torque - so this thing can move.

Check out the Mono website for some awesome images. 

To see what this car's really like to drive, there is a great review vid by Chris Harris right here.

The Spicetag team

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New RoboCop model from Hot Toys...

Check out this picture - and it ain't Peter Weller...

This is the new RoboCop model from Hot Toys - it is incredible.

With interchangeable hands, chest plates, helmet, faces and an opening leg holster, this is the best RoboCop model we've seen. Check out all the images right here.

There's also a version which comes with the docking chair - as detailed as you like..

...and where there's RoboCop, ED-209 isn't far away from causing trouble. It's in the same scale as the 12" RoboCop as above, so this thing is massive - check it out here.

Keep a look out on the Hot Toys website, because there're sneak peek photos of a damaged RoboCop with his helmet off, which will prove to be a sort after item indeed.


Be sure to check out our range of RoboCop T-shirts also - on call right here.

The Spicetag Team

Monday, 15 July 2013

Why bother with California?

Indeed - when we've got Tiger Bay in Cardiff? We've got some new Cardiff summer T-shirts out...

Check them out at and at the Spicetag Ebay shop before the rain comes in.

The Spicetag Team