Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New RoboCop model from Hot Toys...

Check out this picture - and it ain't Peter Weller...

This is the new RoboCop model from Hot Toys - it is incredible.

With interchangeable hands, chest plates, helmet, faces and an opening leg holster, this is the best RoboCop model we've seen. Check out all the images right here.

There's also a version which comes with the docking chair - as detailed as you like..

...and where there's RoboCop, ED-209 isn't far away from causing trouble. It's in the same scale as the 12" RoboCop as above, so this thing is massive - check it out here.

Keep a look out on the Hot Toys website, because there're sneak peek photos of a damaged RoboCop with his helmet off, which will prove to be a sort after item indeed.


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The Spicetag Team