Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The 80s Poster Girls Return For The Rugby

They were seen all over fashion magazines in the 1980s, posing in the latest must-have clothing trends and always looking super-fab - well now they're back and posing in rugby team colours ready for the action in 2014.

These unisex T-shirts are available in old-school kit colours for England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy along with southern hemisphere teams South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. All available at Ebay, Etsy and at

The Spicetag Team

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pin Up or Shut Up

Over here in Spicetag land we are massive fans of all things retro, and a major area we love is Pin Up Girl art. To show our love we have began a new range of Pin Up Girl T-shirts which will be increased by one every week. So far 4 weeks 4 Pin Up Girl T-shirts, and you can see these below.

Week One: A take of a music video using a Pin Up Girl style which mixes both vintage and modern to make a great Pop Top. Click Here.

Week Two: Here we have a horror zombie Pin Up with blood around the mouth and hand whilst holding an eye ball, errr... YUK! Click Here.

Week Three: Our Rugby edition is a range within a range? A Pin Up Girl running with Rugby ball in hand. This was created for each Country in the 6 Nations but also features South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Click Here.

Week Four:  This design features new with old, a Pin-Up Girl taking a photo of herself (Selfie) with a smart phone whilst holding a pug dressed as a sailor, Oh... how cute. Click Here.

So if you're a fan of vintage these t-shirts are perfect for you, if you're a fan of Tattoos these t-shirts are perfect for you, if you're a fan of sexy, half naked women these t-shirts are perfect for you.

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The Spicetag team