Friday, 8 June 2012

NEW Cardiff City Football Club T-shirts

Cardiff City Football Club are changing their emblem and the colour of their home kit - they'll be wearing a crest of the Welsh Dragon and will be playing at home in red, so it would appear the Bluebirds are no more...

Wrong. The famous Bluebird symbol still appears on the crest and they'll be draped in their original blue when playing away games. It's a heavy shock for Cardiff supporters, but it was this change or lose out on a £100m cash injection for the club.

The fans say the'll always be the Bluebirds, so we've created some T-shirts that to show that.


Here we've put the famous Cardiff Bluebird onto a flag - but in the same style as the red dragon appears on the Welsh flag. Available in both mens and womens T-shirts, view the Cardiff City Bluebirds T-shirt at the website here.


No matter what colour Cardiff City are playing in, they'll always be the Bluebirds. Here are a couple of T-shirts for the home and away games. Available in both mens and womens sizes, view the Cardiff Bluebirds T-shirt at the site here.

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The Spicetag team