Monday, 3 October 2011

The Power Of A Woman

Here is a new set of designs we've added to our Fashion range. This new set was designed especially for white tees and accompanies our current range displaying the power of the female image.


This design is based on 1980s fashion magazine advertisement images. Originally a painting of a full standing woman, the magnification that leaves the dotted print is to create a comic book effect and emphasises the woman's focused gaze. 

See the '80s Woman' boys and girls T-shirts at the site here.


This design is again based on advertisements found in fashion magazines, but here in the 1990s. This decade saw the rise of the supermodel - the face here is of on one of the originals. The design is to represent a woman's desire to acquire the latest off-the-runway style items.

See the 'Viva Fashion' T-shirt at the site here.


'Demasque' - unmasked, French. This design is based around the vibrant theme found in gentlemens clubs of the 1980s. The glamourous miami-esque style of sex, glamour and cocktails found in that decade produced some wonderful exotic imagery.

See the 'Demasque' T-shirt at the site here.


The Rio carnivals create an amazing, vibrant atmosphere as female Brazilian dancers parade in some of the most wonderfully extravagant and colourful costumes - but it's easy to forget there is a woman hidden behind the feathers and gold.

See the 'Brasil' T-shirt at the site here.

If you've got any designs based on fashion graphics that you'd like to see on T-shirts or hoodies, drop us an email and they could be featured on the website.

The Spicetag team