Monday, 22 August 2011

Legends of the 80s

At Spicetag, we like to experiment with designs that show the contrast between beauty and power.

This contrast was best seen during the 1980s, when the true supercar was engraved in motoring history with creations from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to name but a few. Styling took over practicality with over-sized (and to some extent unnecessary) spoilers and wheels, and speed was king.

Some of the most recognisable supercars were created in the 1980s - we've hand picked a few legends.

See our latest additions to the Spicetag catalogue below.


'Primo' - adj. Excellent, first-class. The De Tomaso Pantera is somewhat of a forgotten 1980s supercar, but it was menacing and very powerful. As imposing as the Pantera is a tall Czech woman, standing confident and proud of her car. See 'Primo' on the site here.


'Esotico' ('Exotic', Italian) pictures one of the most recognisable supercars in history, the Lamborghini Countach. A 25th anniversary model sits behind it's driver, poised and ready to burn up the Miami highways under the evening sky. Following the same format as 'Primo', an imposing female figure predominates the picture, engaging with the viewer. See the T-shirt on the site here.


'Fiammarosa' (Italian: 'Fiamma Rosa' - Pink Flame) shows the woman from 'Luxure' standing behind one of the most famous supercars of all time, the Ferrari Testarossa. A rarity in black, the sleek flowing lines of the car complement the dark dressed woman, with the pink laser lines adding a burst of colour.
Again following a similar format to 'Primo' and 'Esotico', the addition of bright colour in this design distinguishes the Testarossa as a motor legend. See the tee on the site here.


And finally, with the right parts and some heavy knowledge of mechanics, you could use this brute to dust any one of the above supercars - and at a fraction of the cost. The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is one of the greatest racing cars of all time, dominating and winning the World Touring Car Championship in 1987 (see the license plate). Classic 1980s Ford power. Take a look on the site here.

If you have any T-shirt designs of classic 80s cars, send them to us here - they could become part of the Spicetag catalogue.

The Spicetag team.