Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines T-shirts...

Aliens: Colonial Marines the video game is out now - go get it like Ripley went to get Newt...

How can you take a purely original sci-fi horror movie - directed by an incredible young director - and turn it into one of the greatest ever action movies that has now, in 2013, spawned a long anticipated first person shooter? 

Ask James Cameron. Or Ripley. Or Hicks, Vasquez, Drake, Apone, Hudson - or Bishop.

By the time of writing this, we haven't yet picked up the game. We know it's based after the 1986 movie - there are a few different breeds of Aliens (one with a cranial sack full of acid) and it's pretty much true to the film - United States Colonial Marines with M41A Pulse Rifles, loaders, grenades and A, B, C and D remote sentry guns.

We've created a few T-shirts to mark the release of the new game on Xbox 360, Playstation and PC - see below:


See the T-shirt Pvt. Frost (Ricco Ross) is wearing?

Oh yeah. This is our fantastic replica of that T-shirt. Available in heather grey, get one at our ebay shop or direct at Spicetag.com.


He may be synthetic, but he's not stupid...you can't talk Aliens without mentioning BISHOP341-B - the synthetic humanoid that proves himself right up until the end of the movie.

Bishop appears in the new game Aliens: Colonial Marines and appears on this new tee - 3 different text options and in 6 different colours. See the Aliens Bishop T-shirt exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop.


The U.S.S. Sulaco is the Starship that transports the U.S. Colonial Marines to LV-426 in the film. Here's a design a little different than the usual - what the U.S.C.M. Corps may have worn in training, leading up to the bug hunt.

View the tee exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop.

Remember - these T-shirts are designed to be worn by only "absolutely badasses".

Stay Frosty.

The Spicetag team