Monday, 18 February 2013

New 6 Nations Rugby Varsity Jackets

The 6 Nations rugby championship is well under way...we've got T-shirts for each of the nation's supporters, hoodies, sweaters - and now some new varsity jackets...

Varsity jackets have always been popular, not just in association with sport, but fashion also. The popularity of the varsity jacket is growing fast in the UK, so we've made a few additions to our 6 Nations range.

Our 6 Nations Varsity jackets have an embroidered badge on the chest and a unique design on the back. There's even a hidden opening in the right hand pocket for an ear phone cord.


Here's the varsity jacket for Wales, with embroidered Welsh flag badge on the front and unique Welsh dragon design on the rear. Available exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop, check it out.


Here's the Ireland 6 Nations varsity jacket - Irish flag on the front and our Elk design on the rear. View this jacket at the ebay shop right here.


A cool France varsity jacket - embroidered flag badge on the front and our French cockerel design on the back. View the France Varsity jacket at the Spicetag ebay shop.

More 6 Nations deigns to follow...

The Spicetag team