Friday, 25 January 2013

Crysis 3 T-shirts

Crysis 3 is released on February 22nd in the UK. We should imagine that there'll be a lot of pre-ordering going on...

Based 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, you are Alcatraz in the late Prophet's Nanosuit. Using your four main abilities (shown on the tee below), you must assess, adapt and attack in order to dismantle the Corrupt C.E.L.L corporation.

You can now storm C.E.L.L's Nanodomes built over New York City with the new Compound Bow - a menacing weapon that fires 5 different arrows. Collapsable for easy transport, the Compound Bow automatically expands when needed for use - it can also be fired under cloaking, but at a significant suit energy cost. So, Crysis 3's game play just got even better...

We've created new T-shirts ready for the release of Crysis 3 - check them out below.


Here is Prophet displaying his incredible abilities - strength, speed, cloak and armor. You won't find this design anywhere other than the Spicetag ebay shop and direct at


Here is Prophet wielding his new Compound Bow - an addition to his weaponry that makes him even more deadly. View the Crysis 3 Prophet T-shirt at the Spicetag ebay shop and at

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The Spicetag team