Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Your Kid's First Audi

It doesn't take a full-on car enthusiast to want an Audi. In fact, you don't even have to be out of nappies...

Audi have created a model range available to people who don't yet hold a drivers license. Cue the Audi Mini Quattro.

The Audi Mini Quattro is equipped with a steering wheel and horn with optional trailer available. Power output and top speed is completely dependent on the excitement of the driver.

Audi Mini Quattro drivers can then advance to the Audi Kid's Car Legends with pedal power and speed brake. This is a very cool pedal car.

If two wheels are more preferable than four, then there's the Audi Mini Runner - a speed scooter with a flippable frame for two riding positions.

If you know of any 1-8 year olds interested in owning an Audi, check out the official store.

The Spicetag team