Thursday, 23 October 2014

RoboCop and Murphy by Hot Toys

Hot Toys is a collectible model making company based in Hong Kong that produce possibly the best movie figurines we have seen.

We're huge movie fans here and can't resist visiting their website in search for new releases. A short while ago they released a battle-damaged RoboCop that looked absolutely incredible, but now they have released a gem from the film that no-one saw coming - RoboCop, before he was RoboCop...

This is Hot Toys' Alex Murphy, the cop who was shot to pieces in the film and whose remains were used to create the title character. He's played by Peter Weller, and the likeness in this model is remarkable.

The Murphy model is shipped as a package with Hot Toys' battle-damaged RoboCop. The likeness here is so good it even shows RoboCop's slightly disproportionate head as a result of the large prosthetic head makeup.

Hot Toys also gives you all the bits to play with - RoboCop's baby food and diagnostic spike and Murphy's Sig Sauer and Heckler and Koch pistols.

Also, check this out - we at Spicetag have both Murphy and RoboCop's autographs - both appear surprisingly similar.

See these amazing figures at the Hot Toys website.