Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 T-shirts

Lara Croft is back - in a new look for 2013 an packing more survival weaponry than John Rambo...

The game's published by Square Enix and developed by Crystal Dynamics - the game is a complete reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. We'll see a lot of the new Lara Croft's character develop, which is said to be totally new and one of the centre points of the game.

Lara is traveling on the ship Endurance when it is hit by a vicious storm which splits the vessel in half. She is left stranded with a small string of survivors who seek shelter on a tropical island within the Dragon's Triangle.

While Lara seeks to find the other survivors (and food to survive herself), she is faced with the perils of wild animal inhabitants and violent mercenaries who are hell bent on eradicating her and the other survivors.

The game has been given an 'M' rating - the first we've seen in any of the Tomb Raider games.

We've created a unique survivor T-shirt...


Here is the new Lara Croft tooled up for action - bow, ice axe and Beretta M92FS. Available in white and grey, the Tomb Raider 2013 T-shirt is available at the Spicetag ebay shop and at

Keep a check back here for more gaming T-shirt releases...

The Spicetag team

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Harlem Shake Video T-shirt

You most probably know by now, there's a new viral video in town - it's called the Harlem Shake...

Basically, it's another ridiculous, comedy dance spoof - not too far from one we witnessed towards the close of last year. This time, it's all about bog-standard video editing at it's very best...


It's all about people compiling there own music videos to an excerpt from the song the song 'Harlem Shake' by Baauer. The videos starts with a masked person dancing in a room full of people, who are relaxed and not paying any attention to the lone dancer.

However when the beats drop, the video cuts (without motion) to the whole room kicking off in dance - the folks in the room now usually dressed in funny outfits or are minimally clothed. The images above give you an idea, as does this compilation video...

We created a T-shirt for Gangnam Style, so we've created on for Harlem Shake - see below...


This T-shirt would be a tough one to explain if this video didn't go viral. Available in mens and womens sizes, view the Harlem Shake Video T-shirt at the Spicetag ebay shop or direct at Spicetag.

Careful not to hurt yourselves making a video.

The Spicetag team

Monday, 18 February 2013

New 6 Nations Rugby Varsity Jackets

The 6 Nations rugby championship is well under way...we've got T-shirts for each of the nation's supporters, hoodies, sweaters - and now some new varsity jackets...

Varsity jackets have always been popular, not just in association with sport, but fashion also. The popularity of the varsity jacket is growing fast in the UK, so we've made a few additions to our 6 Nations range.

Our 6 Nations Varsity jackets have an embroidered badge on the chest and a unique design on the back. There's even a hidden opening in the right hand pocket for an ear phone cord.


Here's the varsity jacket for Wales, with embroidered Welsh flag badge on the front and unique Welsh dragon design on the rear. Available exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop, check it out.


Here's the Ireland 6 Nations varsity jacket - Irish flag on the front and our Elk design on the rear. View this jacket at the ebay shop right here.


A cool France varsity jacket - embroidered flag badge on the front and our French cockerel design on the back. View the France Varsity jacket at the Spicetag ebay shop.

More 6 Nations deigns to follow...

The Spicetag team

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines T-shirts...

Aliens: Colonial Marines the video game is out now - go get it like Ripley went to get Newt...

How can you take a purely original sci-fi horror movie - directed by an incredible young director - and turn it into one of the greatest ever action movies that has now, in 2013, spawned a long anticipated first person shooter? 

Ask James Cameron. Or Ripley. Or Hicks, Vasquez, Drake, Apone, Hudson - or Bishop.

By the time of writing this, we haven't yet picked up the game. We know it's based after the 1986 movie - there are a few different breeds of Aliens (one with a cranial sack full of acid) and it's pretty much true to the film - United States Colonial Marines with M41A Pulse Rifles, loaders, grenades and A, B, C and D remote sentry guns.

We've created a few T-shirts to mark the release of the new game on Xbox 360, Playstation and PC - see below:


See the T-shirt Pvt. Frost (Ricco Ross) is wearing?

Oh yeah. This is our fantastic replica of that T-shirt. Available in heather grey, get one at our ebay shop or direct at


He may be synthetic, but he's not can't talk Aliens without mentioning BISHOP341-B - the synthetic humanoid that proves himself right up until the end of the movie.

Bishop appears in the new game Aliens: Colonial Marines and appears on this new tee - 3 different text options and in 6 different colours. See the Aliens Bishop T-shirt exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop.


The U.S.S. Sulaco is the Starship that transports the U.S. Colonial Marines to LV-426 in the film. Here's a design a little different than the usual - what the U.S.C.M. Corps may have worn in training, leading up to the bug hunt.

View the tee exclusively at the Spicetag ebay shop.

Remember - these T-shirts are designed to be worn by only "absolutely badasses".

Stay Frosty.

The Spicetag team