Thursday, 24 October 2013

Down But Not Out.

A few months ago we got our old Amiga 1200 out from the attic where it has lived for about 15 years. Also found where all the games we use to play as kids like Flashback, Lionheart, Kid Chaos and many more. We set it all up ready for an evening of sheer bliss when after 15 years of sleeping decided not to wake. The lights came on, you could hear it working but never came up with anything on the screen. But I wasn't about to quit, so with a couple of fix tutorials online, taking apart the machine and soldering some new parts to the old girl it still did nothing. My hopes to play street fighter 1 (yea there was a first one) going out the window I felt as broken as the machine.
A few months later after the mourning period had passed I came across UAE4ALL an Aimga emulator for android devices. This allowed me to use my old games and play them on my Samsung tablet anywhere I wanted, it's like a Game Boy but with good games. However the thing I hate about playing platformers on tablets is the buttons, these games are not designed for touch screen controls, with my fingers getting in the way of the screen. So I searched for hardware to play on it, some I found were so expensive I may as well have bought a new Amiga system. But then I came across an App that allows you to play with a Wii controller FOR FREE and better yet supports up to 4 players.

So with the emulator starting up, my Wii controller lights blue I was ready for hours of nostalgia gaming. 5 minutes into playing Lethal Weapon "DEAD AGAIN!!!" how did I ever complete these games?

The Spicetag team