Wednesday, 2 October 2013


We just came across this 2D platform game called Broforce, and let me tell you it is far from the usual. In Broforce you play as character parodies to those in iconic action films, Rambro, Bromando, BA Broracus, BroWalker, Bro Hard, Brade, Bro in Black, McBrover, Bro Dredd, Snake Brosken and said to be working on Bronan the Brobarian. 

Each of the characters has a primary weapon, Brade has a sword, Bromando has rockets, and Bro in Black with the Cricket. They also have specials, Bro Dredd has a missile which you control, McBrover has an exploding chicken and they get better for the others.
What we have seen of this game so far is endless madness. The weapons don't seem to run out of bullet (much like the movies), most of the level terrains can be destroyed, everything pretty much explodes, blood and guts shoot all over the place, to activate checkpoints you raise the American Flag and when you've killed the boss of the level (satan) you have to "GET TO DA CHOPPA!" So it is so grossly over the top I MUST PLAY IT. It's every action film put into one game.
In the video it shows a jungle/aztec style environment which I would say is from Rambo however I do see skulls hanging from the trees which shouts PREDATOR. Hopefully throughout the game we get to see environments based on the playable characters films as well as the enemies. A couple we hope to see are Military in a mansion (Commando), Aliens in a Laboratory (Men In Black) and of cause terrorists in Nakatomi Plaza (Die Hard).
On a personal note, a few character we would love to see in this game would be Beverly Hills Bro (Eddie Murphy), Bro Weapon (Danny Glover as Murtaugh), Time Bro (Van Damme), Mad Bro (Mell Gibson), Casey Broback (Steven Seagal),  and a female Brolien (Ripley) with a special of Plasma Rifle & Flame-thrower, BAD-ASS!.
So check out this two player demo video here which will open your mind to AWESOMENESS.

The Spicetag team