Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Monumite

We've been getting into Marmite recently - the "Love it or hate it" food spread. Yes, as amateurs we've been caught out by being a little over zealous with the amount we've applied to the toast (wincing, watery eyes) but overall we like the stuff.

While browsing online about the history of this heavy-tasting food, we came across this...

This is the Monumite - built in 2010, it's a £15k giant Marmite jar sculpted from Portland limestone and placed overlooking the river in the heart of Burton on Trent. 

Here's the really cool part - visitors who make a pilgrimage to this Marmite shrine will be able to download content to their smart phone or tablet through a  Bluetooth transmitter, such as pictures, history and an animation of how Marmite is made.

Love it or hate is, this is a cool piece of sculpture - with a cool modern element.

The Spicetag team