Monday, 2 September 2013

Spicetag Meets Lance Henriksen

ComicCon came to Cardiff on the weekend. As usual at ComicCon, you get to meet and get autographs from some of the great personalities from TV and film - however this year was a must-attend for us, because the star of the show was the great Lance Henriksen.

Lance Henriksen has been in some of our favourite movies - he shot at the T-800 in The Terminator, helped Ripley and Newt escape LV-426 in Aliens and hunted down Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target (one of the best bad guys we've seen) - so it was essential that we met him.

Lance saw our Bishop T-shirt a mile off and met it with a surprised "holy s**t" before signing it to become one of our most valued tees. We spoke of our love for his characters, which he kindly appreciated. We got a great photo signed of Lance as Bishop with the message 'not bad for a human' and posed for the photo above, that we're going to frame.

Many thanks to Lance for making our day and being a genuinely great guy - and that Bishop T-shirt is now a Spicetag prized possession.


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The Spicetag Team