Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Punisher #DIRTYLAUNDRY T-shirt

There is a fantastic new 10 minute video on YouTube called #DIRTYLAUNDRY. It features Tom Jane reprising his role from the 2004 movie The Punisher.

Tom Jane was great as Frank Castle and 2004's The Punisher is a great watch. In #DIRTYLAUNDRY, there is no Hollywood glitz - it's dark, brooding and has a large helping of what is essential to any Punisher story no matter how short...violence.

Watch this short film - it's mandatory for any action fan. We wanted to make a T-shirt to mark this brilliant short film, especially as the Punisher himself favours a printed T-shirt...see below.


You know that there is only one type of Punisher T-shirt - but here's our take on the classic Punisher skull for the new 10 minute film. It appears that no-one's watching over this washing machine, so they're obviously elsewhere taking care of business...view The Punisher T-shirt at our ebay shop and direct at the Spicetag website right here.

Oh, view #DIRTYLAUNDRY right here.

If you like something a little different, keep a check back here for new movie T-shirts coming soon.

The Spicetag Team.