Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mega-City's finest - Judge Dredd T-shirts

Dredd 3D will be in cinemas this September. With his Lawmaster and Lawgiver, Dredd can deliver more justice in one week than any courts could in ten years...

We're big Dredd fans here at Spicetag. We've got a stack of 2000AD comics dating back to the late 80s and we're glad to see that Karl Urban is wearing an old-school style helmet.

We've released a set of Dredd T-shirts to mark the release of the new film. See below.


See here our 2000AD style Dredd head T-shirt. This is based on Dredd in the episode The Shooting Match from 2000AD programme no.650 of 1989. View the Judge Dredd head T-shirt direct at the Spicetag website here and in our ebay shop here.

We've also released some Judge badge T-shirts based on the same episode, below...

You Dredd fans will notice we have Judge Kraken T-shirts. Rookie Judge Kraken was cloned from the DNA of Chief Judge Fargo, the same as Dredd - which makes them brothers. View the Rookie Judge Kraken T-shirt along with all the others at the website here and at our ebay shop.

You don't have to take the long walk - they're only a click away.

The Spicetag team