Tuesday, 14 August 2012

David Haye vs Tom Hardy T-shirt

Believe it or not, there's been talk going around recently about a boxing match between David Haye and Tom Hardy - the actor who plays Bane in the latest Batman flick The Dark Knight Rises.

Haye - who recently beat Dereck Chisora in a grudge match (we have a T-shirt here if you're interested) has seen the shape Hardy has gotten into for the role of Batman's nemesis Bane and reckons a fight between the two of them could be very interesting.

Tom Hardy, who is known for playing rather hard men says he'll fight Haye if the money goes to a number of charities - which could be a fair bit, because who wouldn't want to see this happen...

We've designed a T-shirt. Whatever comes out of this, talk about this fight is good enough for the time being. See the tee below.


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The Spicetag team