Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NEW Special Edition Music T-shirts

We're very proud of our new star-inspired music T-shirts - so much so we've named them as our first set of Special Editions...and we hope you like them.

All of these designs are available in both girls and boys sizes.


Here's our contribution to all the Rihanna T-shirts out there - but we've tried to go a little different with this pop-art design. Keep an eye on our site for more pop art tees coming soon.

View the Pop Art Rihanna T-shirt direct at the site here.


Here's our second Rihanna T-shirt - this time with a burst of vibrant colour and a cool, distressed effect that will go with anything. We've been told this one's an eye-catcher. View the Rihanna T-shirt at the website here.


This one is certain to turn some heads. Jessie J's image is unmistakable - and we're hoping this T-shirt is too. Jessie's currently a coach on The Voice UK, so here's The T-shirt (UK).

View the Jessie J T-shirt at the site here.


Here's a T-shirt for all the 'Barbs' out there - our Nicky Minaj T-shirt is inspired by her latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and we've designed it to reflect her vibrant style in image and music.

Check out the Nicki Minaj T-shirt at the website here.

There are more T-shirts to follow in this new Special Edition collection - but if you have any designs that you'd like to see about selling on our site and making a bit of cash, contact us here.

The Spicetag team