Tuesday, 27 March 2012

NEW London 2012 Olympics T-shirts

The Olympic games are coming to Britain in 2012 - a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We've been pondering what to do about Olympics T-shirts. We've seen the standard designs with the Olympic rings logo with 'London 2012' underneath, which are great - but we wanted to do something different, and cool.

For those of you who like to stand out with a T-shirt that sets you apart from anyone else, we think we've got something for you. As the Olympic games are literally going to take over London this summer, we've designed an exclusive set of tees that show a few of London's most famous landmarks having their magnificence ridiculed by the sheer magnitude of the greatest sporting event on Earth.

The Gherkin, the new Olympic Tower and good old Big Ben are the three tremendous monuments we've chosen for our tees - and we hope very much that you'll like them. All are available in boys and girls sizes.


The Gherkin is hard to miss in London - which is how whoever threw those Olympic hoops got them spot on. See the London Olympics Gherkin T-shirt at the site here.


If you thought the Gherkin would be easy to score high in hoopla - think of how you'd get those hoops around the bottom of the Olympic Tower - only by the work of a true Olympian. Check out the London Olympics Tower T-shirt at the site here.


What would London be without Big Ben. It's tower may not stand as tall as the Olympic tower, but it houses some pretty heavy noise. A true icon of London we had to have a play with. View the London Olympics Big Ben T-shirt at the site here.

If you've got some cool Olympic T-shirt designs you'd like to make some money on by having them on our website, contact us here.

The Spicetag Team