Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Spicetag Sign printed by Aura Print.

During last summer we had a stall with Craft Folk at home in Cardiff near The Hayes. It was a fantastic event which went really well for us and started us on the process of hitting more craft fairs. As it was our first hut stall you can see we started off the layout quite simple and as the weeks went on it developed into a much more appealing shop. However you can see that we did lack signage on our stall, all we had was a home made Spicetag sign at the back of stall, so it wasn't that clear to see.

However our friend and stall neighbour Paul Willets of My Own Curry @myowncurry gave us the information for Aura Print, a UK design and printing service. He showed us the quality of the items he’d had printed as he was using them to display and advertise his stall and company. Paul highly recommend Aura Print, stating they were easy to use and their delivery was speedy.

As we had Cardiff Comic Con coming up in November, we decided to try Aura Print for this event, which has to have been my favourite of the year. I used their site for the first time which was very simple to use and very consumer friendly. It was unlike some sites that I've used previously for personal art posters that only give you certain sizes, and anything else would be by request only. However using Aura Prints Quick Calculator allows you to do everything on one page. You can enter the width and height you want, the material (500gsm PVC or 320gsm Mech) and which Finish you'd like (Gems & Eyelets or Pole Pockets). You can either decide to let Aura Print design your banner at an additional cost of £10, which is very reasonable especially if you’re wanting a service that does everything for you. We used our own art work which was free. You’re then given your total charge excluding postage and packing. 

Aura Print were great, they fulfilled a fast delivery time, quality of our banner was of a high standard and had a fantastic customer service who ensured to meet our requests. I would highly recommend using Aura print especially if you haven't tried any other sites before. I shall definitely be using Aura Print again for an event due to their out standing quality, value for money and fast delivery. 

Check out Aura Print here.

Thanks for viewing.