Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Retro Horror Based Movie Poster T-shirts Cardiff Edition

Our new range of Retro Horror Based Movie Poster T-shirts might be a bit of a mouthful to say but we are proud to announce they have arrived. We have started the range in our home town of Cardiff, so each of the designs feature popular areas of Cardiff.

The Creature From Roath Lake
This first designs is based in Roath Park. The design features the iconic Scott (Scott of the Antarctic) Memorial in the background. Then you have a woman in a Pin-Up style fashion screaming as The Creature from Roath Lake emerges out of the water behind her. A bright summer designs that is perfect for any Cardiffian, student or even tourist visiting Cardiff this summer. Find it here on our Site, Ebay or Etsy.
Invasion Of The Bay
The second design is based down Cardiff Bay. This design features the popular Orange Pierhead Building situated on the water front surrounded by UFOs fireing lasers. In the foreground you have a gentleman being zapped by an Alien. A great Cardiff design for a great Cardiff summer. Find it here on our Site, Ebay or Etsy.
Cardiff Museum Of Horror
The third installment is based closer to the Cardiff City Centre as it takes place outside the Cardiff Museum. This designs shows Cardiff Museum come to life, with a caveman on top of the Museum holding onto the mast of the Wales flag and the bones of a Pterodactyl flying above in the Background. In front a Tattooed (featuring iconic daffodil and blue bird tats) woman running for her life as she is chased by a mummy. Find it here on our Site, Ebay or Etsy.

We always want to bring you designs that are different from any you can get out there, and we feel this range does that. These designs  are available from our Spicetag Website, Ebay and Etsy stores but will also be available at our stall at the Haze this summer and our Cardiff Comic Con Stall. There will be more areas of Wales designs such as Cardiff Castle, Mumbles and others so stay tunes if you dare.

Thanks for viewing

The Spicetag team