Thursday, 21 November 2013

Santa, Saint or Sinner? You Decide.

So Christmas is creeping up which makes us look at the realities of life in all aspects and one reality is Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St Nick, Kris Kringle, what ever you wish to call him. Now obviously we know every year this jolly (slightly obese) fellow brings Christmas spirit to us all in the shape of various items we have wished for that year. But let's be realistic about it, how many Laws is this guy breaking. Not only is he breaking and entering all of our homes (which is pretty horrific come to think of it) but he is leaving with a bellyful of booze, hopping onto his sleigh and invading air space DRUNK. So next time you think of Santa as this nice friendly face remember this guy is total out of control, he needs help.

Check out his latest mug shot here on Ebay or here on Etsy.

Get your christmas presents in order people, not long now.

Merry Christmas from the Spicetag team