Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Legend Of Bill Cravens

Remember Street Fighter 2? Of course you do. Released in 1991, it's become one of the greatest computer games of all time.

But you'll be surprised to hear that this game is a sequel to a game called Street Fighter released back in 1987. Amiga fans should know about this - where we were first introduced to Ryu (and Ken in 2 player mode) who traveled the globe fighting the very best the world had to offer.

When Ryu arrived in Great Britain, he faced Eagle and Birdie. Here is Birdie - you had to watch out for his swinging head-buts.

Look to the left of the image to find a piece of graffiti on the Block Heads pub. The image is of a man named Bill Cravens.


Bill Cravens was the man who got arcade gaming rolling, and kept it rolling. Check out these cool little articles about this great man at Arcade Heros and at Fighting Street.

The Spicetag team