Thursday, 18 October 2012

Latest RoboCop 2014 T-shirt and Poster

Spy shots of the new RoboCop reboot are emerging online thick and fast...the latest shows that RoboCop has a new 'RoboCycle', a matte-black superbike incorporating some of his own design features.

So he's rode bikes, used a flight-pack and even rode a demolition ball - but the first ever picture of RoboCop emerged in 1987 featuring him stepping out of his vehicle of choice, a Ford Taurus patrol car. The new movie features the latest Ford Taurus, so it seemed fitting that he is featured alongside it.


See here the new RoboCop in the old pose - with new Taurus Police car and full movie credits.

We're also very aware that there has been a lot of fans voicing their opinions about the new robo suit - some favour the new RoboCop and some prefer the old - but which one would win in a fight? If they were to fight it would be at the River Rouge steel mill, and the promotional poster would look something like what's on the new Spicetag T-shirt below...


We say the new RoboCop has the speed, but the old RoboCop has the power. Have a read of some of the details from the movies - and the winner gets to fight ED-209. See the RoboCop Poster T-shirt at our ebay shop and direct at the Spicetag site here.

You'll see more RoboCop T-shirts from us in the future - thank you for your co-operation.

The Spicetag team