Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ford Capri Laser T-shirts

The Ford Capri is kind of an automotive legend in the UK. From 1969 to 1986 the Capri was one of the most desirable motors for the working man to own - fast, good looking and cheap to buy. The Mk III in particular was a real stunner and very popular, earning celebrity status in the TV show The Professionals.

The Capri Laser was probably the most humble of the variants. Available with 1.6 or 2.0 litre powerplants, this bottom-level special edition was available from 1984 until the bitter end.

We've decided to honour the legacy of the Capri Laser with a new set of T-shirts - all available in the Capri's most popular colours.


Available in both mens and womens sizes, view the Ford Capri Laser T-shirts direct at the site here.

More retro T-shirts to follow. Stay tuned...

The Spicetag team