Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee T-shirts

As The Queen is celebrating a fabulous 60 year reign this year, we've decided to create a special range of Diamond Jubilee T-shirts.

It only seemed like yesterday when we watched Brian May cutting some wires at the top of Buckingham Palace for the Golden Jubilee 10 years ago. It puts into perspective how fast time flies, but also how incredible a period it has been for The Queen to have reigned for so long.

Now, with these new designs we've set out to create something for everybody. We wanted them to look fantastic but at the same time commemorate the magnificent amount Elizabeth II has achieved as Queen.

We hope you like them and keep a check back here at The Spicetag Blog for new designs.


This T-shirt shows the ages of The Queen that are depicted on British coins over the years of her reign.
View the Queen's Jubilee T-shirt direct at the site here.


Here is an emblem of a red, white and blue diamond with Her Majesty's silhouette in the centre. See also the 60 surrounding diamonds representing each year of The Queen's reign. View the Diamond Queen T-shirt direct at the site here.


This T-shirt depicts The Queen and her 60 year reign on the playing card The Queen Of Diamonds. As you can see it is Elizabeth II herself. View the Queen of Diamonds T-shirt direct at the site here.


This T-shirt shows a special Union Jack diamond with The Queen's silhouette in the centre. View the Diamond Jubilee T-shirt direct at the website right here.

Keep an eye on our website - there'll be more Diamond Jubilee T-shirts coming soon...

The Spicetag Team