Friday, 29 July 2011

Latest Bespoke Submissions

We at Spicetag offer a rather special service - to create and print bespoke tees.

We know that other T-shirt sites offer this facility, but we want you to think about the T-shirts you've always wanted but just haven't been able to find them anywhere - well now you can have them.

Whether it's for a hen night or a charity event, we'll print images you give us or we'll happily design them for you. Don't worry about the image quality either because we'll touch it up for you ready for print.

Have a look at these one-off designs to give you an idea what we can do...


Above is a design submitted to us as a .jpg file. The designer knew exactly what they wanted - all we did was optimise the image for the best print quality.


Here's a birthday tee we designed. All we needed was a photograph and the rest is wizardry. It's completely bespoke and although it may not appear to make any sense, it's the story behind it that makes it one of a kind.


Another bespoke tee. A photograph was sent to us with a request. Thats's really all to say.

So, if you have any requests, however weird and wonderful they are, send them through our contact page here and we'll run through everything with you.

Happy brainstorming,

The Spicetag team